Learning Patience by Writing My Grimoire


So, as part of my air body practice I need to do something creative everyday to tap into my creative energy/use and improve my imagination. Today, I decided to put another page into my Grimoire as my “creative activity”. Past BoS/Grimoire’s I’ve had have been in 3 ring binders since it was easier to store and organize, but I’ve always desired a “real” witchy looking book to keep my correspondences, tarot readings, meditations, etc. and so I finally bought a leather, hand bound, unlined journal. It’s white with rough paper (kind of parchment looking) and thick so my pens don’t bleed through. I love it and felt connected to it from the moment I saw it.

My perfectionist (at times, not always!) nature is probably not the best combo with this type of book, so I’ve been very slow to add to it. I’ve only done my dedication page and Wheel of the Year, so today I decided to add my Moon Phases page. I mixed up my Crescent and Balsamic Moons and accidentally called my Gibbous a Crescent; ugh! It was so frustrating to cross out and rewrite those names, so I’m trying to avoid getting too stressed over it. It makes the book more authentic I suppose. Life is not perfection, so a handwritten book of any kind will not (and probably should not) be without a mistake or typo here and there. If anything it makes it more personal. More my own. So to relieve my anxiety and accept the mess up, I’m taking a page from Bob Ross’s book and changing my outlook on it. I should really practice this more often with other things in my life, because this has helped me get over this small thing.

Otherwise, this week of practice has been going very well and I’ve also been listening to a new (to me, not “new”) podcast called New World Witchery with hosts Cory and Laine. It’s really well done Pagan podcast that goes over folklore (primarily American-based or American, but with other influences) and covers different Pagan beliefs and even Catholic/Abrahamic beliefs and lore. I highly recommend checking them out.

That’s all for this update! Blessed be!



Checking In

I am still here, but life has been busy. I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on exercising to build up more positive energy and rid myself of the negative. I’m hoping to start up yoga again soon to get back to at least weekly meditations.
I think I’m finally ready to start writing in my Grimoire. It’s been sitting in the closet of my meditation room for a while now and I finally got the feeling that it’s time. I’m searching for decent colorful pens now; possibly making a trip to the store tomorrow to get some. I am also almost finished going through my tarot manual and getting to know my cards; I’ve already found an introductory spread to use them on once I’ve finished studying.
I’ve been focusing a lot of time on reading for fun, practicing music, and building a stuffed animal for a friend who is currently trying to get pregnant with her husband. I’m very excited and have been attempting to put a lot of loving, healthy, and happy energy into my work as I create it. I love making things for people; it always makes me feel really peaceful. That’s about as “magical” as I’ve been getting lately though. I just haven’t had time for anything else really, but that’s okay.
I attended my first political action meeting this month and it went very well. I have a feeling this will become a very positive thing in my life and good way to help me turn something that is very scary and negative going on in my world/country, to something good. I feel more empowered, confident, and like things will be okay so long as I don’t simply roll over and assume certain things can’t happen and other things won’t be so bad. Keep the fire lit, essentially.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend.

Blessed be!


African Violet

I found this pretty Grimoire page on Pinterest that was done by CoNiGMa on Deviant Art. He has many, many more herbalist Grimoire pages which are just as pretty. However, this one caught my attention because an African Violet is, so far, the only living plant we have in our house. book_of_shadows__herb_grimoire___african_violet_by_conigma-danzuwmI used to have, what I called, a “Death Thumb” instead of a “Green Thumb” since basically every plant I’ve ever owned has died on me in under a month of ownership. The exception was a cactus I had in elementary school that met it’s demise about half a year into my care due to our new puppy knocking it off my desk and uprooting it.

We’ve had the African Violet for almost a year now and she is doing so well. She sits in the sunlight all day and I give her a drink of water once a week and she has exploded with blossoms. I’m not super convinced of plants being “magical”, but I do believe they have energy that can help influence or motivate what it is a person is hoping to accomplish. I’ve felt our’s brings a natural, pleasant energy to our home. It’s cheery and calming and I like that it has been used for protection and enhancing spirituality since the latter is what I’m working on most this year.

If you are into herbalism, I’d suggest checking the Deviant Art page I linked above. Like I said, the pages are very pretty and he has a lot of information. I hope all of you are having a nice weekend and wanted to remind you to take some time to reflect on the teachings and standings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow. Maybe use the time to volunteer or donate items or money to charity. We need unity and support of equality more than ever and the strength and willingness to fight for those ideals. Not only for ourselves, but for others who may feel their equal human rights are being threatened. Be safe and blessed be!


Happy Friday the 13th!

I’m feeling very excited today as it’s been a fairly “witchy” 24 hrs; I know it’s silly, but oh well, might as well enjoy it. Last night was the first full moon of January which is known by different names: “Wolf Moon” or “Cold Moon.” I’m calling it the Cold Moon since last night it reached single digits in Fahrenheit. Self-reflection (letting things go and embracing new beginnings) is something to consider during this time.
The colors associated with the Cold Moon are silver, black, white, and/or cream. The element is Air. The trees are Birch, Oak, and Hazel. There seems to be some conflicting info on corresponding Goddesses, but as I don’t celebrate specific deities I won’t venture into that correspondence to avoid screwing it up too badly and lead someone astray. Either way, it’s a great time of this month and I do feel a strong sense of new beginnings coming (that and Friday the 13th has always been a relatively good day for me, so I always feel lighter on this day).

The other witchy news is that I finally found my Grimoire! It’s a simple journal, but the second I saw it I felt drawn to it. I love the simplicity of the color (white) and the pattern is a mandala (I have a thing for mandalas). The pages are thicker than normal paper and textured (as well as unlined, of course) and they are bound by string, so it has this handmade look. I’ve set it on the windowsill of my yoga room to sit in the moonlight; it sounds crazy writing that, but I thought it’d fun. I’m already collecting information and correspondences to include inside of it. I’m also debating finding new pens to write in it with since my current collection are gel pens that I’m not so sure about.


I’ve also found my first Tarot deck. The name is what pulled me to it and the artwork on the cards is gorgeous. I was a little nervous, because I found it online, but figured I’d take the chance. It was a good chance! I was so happy when I opened the package and am excited to started reading the manual. The cards are awesome, my hands actually shook as I looked through them and I felt a surge reading each card.

Last year was the year of study and starting my path. This year is the year of practice and finding myself as I walk the path.

Blessed be!