Finding my Spirit Guide

It has been forever and I apologize for that. I had a wonderful vacation hiking in Utah and work has gotten crazy, so I just haven’t been able to find time or motivation to blog until now. Aside from the ever stressful goings-on in our White House, life has been running fairly smoothly over here and I have had fun keeping busy. Too busy, however, to do much in the way of witchy practice, but I’m hoping to change that.
I digress.

A few weeks back, I decided to do a guided meditation ran by Ariel from his educational podcast “A Witch’s Primer” to discover my spirit guide/mentor (you can find this meditation here.) I found it to be very well done and easy to follow along and, I think, I did manage to meet my spirit guide…or guides? It was interesting and I’m hoping I did it right, because my mentor appeared to me in an interesting way and I am going to layout the scene for you now.

colorful-fantasy-unreal-world-photos-by-robert-jansen-9(Photo credit to Robert Jansen)

In my meditation I found myself in a place very similar to the image above. A misty forest with a wood plank and rope bridge that led to a round platform with a roof and railings along the entire edge, except where it met the bridge of course, instead of walls (not a house like in the image) and vines and small rounds lights surrounded the platform to create some privacy and yet also lighting. The sky was blue and felt like mid-morning with a very comfortable temperature.
I stood alone in the entryway and saw before
me 7 (or 8, I can’t recall exactly) small figures wearing bright red cloaks who were perched on the railing directly across the platform from myself. 012dbcb713b477546ec34f3b17772d81I did not hear voices, but felt an urge to step towards them. I reached the center of he platform when they hopped down from the railing in unison and walked over to me, forming a somewhat tight, but not intimidating semi-circle in front of me. The cloaks fell from them and revealed…robins. 7 (or 8) normal, everyday robins looking at me.

Even in my meditation, I felt a small bit of confusion, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I’ve always had a love of birds, feathers, etc. I have two nests and even egg pieces that have been found in the wild (I actually have a robin’s nest and egg half in my home). Our wedding theme was “Put A Bird On It” and I even have a bird tattoo. So, this actually made a lot of sense. I was a little worried that on trying to find a spirit guide, I may have instead called my animal totem, but as time has passed I don’t believe that is necessarily the case. When they revealed themselves to me in meditation (and the initial surprise wore off) I felt very well taken care of, like I was in good hands. The symbolism behind robins is mostly positive and usually mean renewal, change, growth, etc. so I feel confident they will be quite helpful in getting me through the process of renewing my path and learning where I should go with it next.

Do you have a spirit guide? Do you believe in them?

Thanks for reading! Blessed be!



Witchy Things – My Third Eye

Story time/randomness!

When I was little I saw spirits; primarily family members. This is not just a memory of mine, but it is something that is confirmed through anecdotal evidence from other witnesses; those being my family mostly. I don’t remember much about the first spirit I saw who hung around fairly often (my grandpa who passed a while before I was born), but my parents said that at first I was afraid of this spirit. I would get nervous and point him out, but I think I started to lighten up once my aunt figured out it was my grandpa and told me.
A couple years later, my great-grandpa passed and appeared to me the night of his death. He sat down and told me not to be afraid of “us” (not sure if he meant only my family members or if he meant spirits in general) and that,”…we will always protect you.” Then he said he loved me and was gone. This was pretty much the beginning of my spiritual path and I was only 4. My parents weren’t particularly religious and would answer any religious type questions to the best of their abilities, but they allowed me to choose on my own for the most part. As I got older, my ability to see spirits went way, but sensing them or having them come to me in dreams has remained.
I could also see auras, especially if someone was about to die. The person would have an almost ethereal glow surrounding them and a few days to a week later they’d pass. Auras aren’t as clear to me now, I really only notice them when someone is impassioned; I remember in college seeing the aura of my African American Studies professor while he was talking about a particular event during the Civil Rights Movement…it was a gorgeous green; energizing and thoughtful.
I’ve also had moments where I’ve predicted certain events within hours or minutes before it happened; this was mostly in middle and high school. My cat dying was one; he was just a kitten and had his booster appointment and the thought popped into my head,”What if my kitten died today?” I remember feeling disgusted by that thought and then feeling guilty and terrible when, later at his appointment, he collapsed and the vets discovered he had Feline Leukemia and would need to be euthanized. I also predicted a friend’s car crash (he survived and was fine), but it scared me, because again the thought,”What if they get in an accident?” popped in and I said it out loud to other friends I was traveling with. a few minutes later we rounded a corner and there was my friend, pulled over on the side of the road after being rear-ended (everyone in the van screamed, because holy shit didn’t I just say that? haha). The thing is, these thoughts didn’t actually come to me as a “what if” scenario; they were more definite, but I would word them as “what if” because I hated to think that something bad would happen like that.
As I look more into walking the Pagan/Wiccan path again, there is a part of me that is nervous to get these talents back or at least strengthen them. I had a dream last week about a family member who is currently battling an incurable and terminal illness. I was injured in the dream and the pain felt so real, it was crazy. Then I lost feeling and eventually woke up. I found out a few days later that this family member who was with me in the dream actually lost feeling in the same limb I injured in my dream and fell over. And it happened to them on that same night that I had the dream.
Now, of course, all of these things could be explained by coincidence and other random natural occurrences, but it does freak me out a bit. And while I am a little scared to strengthen these parts of me; I’m also excited to see how far they go and where they lead me.

If you have any neat or interesting stories about prophetic dreams, seeing/sensing spirits, or other third eye type gifts, feel free to share; I always love these kinds of stories 🙂
Until next time; blessed be!