African Violet

I found this pretty Grimoire page on Pinterest that was done by CoNiGMa on Deviant Art. He has many, many more herbalist Grimoire pages which are just as pretty. However, this one caught my attention because an African Violet is, so far, the only living plant we have in our house. book_of_shadows__herb_grimoire___african_violet_by_conigma-danzuwmI used to have, what I called, a “Death Thumb” instead of a “Green Thumb” since basically every plant I’ve ever owned has died on me in under a month of ownership. The exception was a cactus I had in elementary school that met it’s demise about half a year into my care due to our new puppy knocking it off my desk and uprooting it.

We’ve had the African Violet for almost a year now and she is doing so well. She sits in the sunlight all day and I give her a drink of water once a week and she has exploded with blossoms. I’m not super convinced of plants being “magical”, but I do believe they have energy that can help influence or motivate what it is a person is hoping to accomplish. I’ve felt our’s brings a natural, pleasant energy to our home. It’s cheery and calming and I like that it has been used for protection and enhancing spirituality since the latter is what I’m working on most this year.

If you are into herbalism, I’d suggest checking the Deviant Art page I linked above. Like I said, the pages are very pretty and he has a lot of information. I hope all of you are having a nice weekend and wanted to remind you to take some time to reflect on the teachings and standings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow. Maybe use the time to volunteer or donate items or money to charity. We need unity and support of equality more than ever and the strength and willingness to fight for those ideals. Not only for ourselves, but for others who may feel their equal human rights are being threatened. Be safe and blessed be!



2 thoughts on “African Violet

  1. ” I’m not super convinced of plants being “magical”, ” – I would say yes, they are magical. But so are all living beings in a sense. What I think is fundamental to understanding plants is that they are in fact living beings, they have soul. Their existence is different from ours but they are no dead objects. And just as how the soul of a human or an animal can touch the world around, influence it or communicate, so I would say it is with a plant. Us pagans are often quick to point at trees as having soul, but we easily forget that it goes for other plantlife as well. x)


    • I agree that all living things have souls or at least energy. I believe the energy can be combined with intention to increase the odds of whatever we are hoping to achieve, but I try to avoid going too deep into the idea that this specific plant will make this specific thing happen for me without me putting any effort into it, because “magic” I hope that makes sense. 🙂


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