Happy Friday the 13th!

I’m feeling very excited today as it’s been a fairly “witchy” 24 hrs; I know it’s silly, but oh well, might as well enjoy it. Last night was the first full moon of January which is known by different names: “Wolf Moon” or “Cold Moon.” I’m calling it the Cold Moon since last night it reached single digits in Fahrenheit. Self-reflection (letting things go and embracing new beginnings) is something to consider during this time.
The colors associated with the Cold Moon are silver, black, white, and/or cream. The element is Air. The trees are Birch, Oak, and Hazel. There seems to be some conflicting info on corresponding Goddesses, but as I don’t celebrate specific deities I won’t venture into that correspondence to avoid screwing it up too badly and lead someone astray. Either way, it’s a great time of this month and I do feel a strong sense of new beginnings coming (that and Friday the 13th has always been a relatively good day for me, so I always feel lighter on this day).

The other witchy news is that I finally found my Grimoire! It’s a simple journal, but the second I saw it I felt drawn to it. I love the simplicity of the color (white) and the pattern is a mandala (I have a thing for mandalas). The pages are thicker than normal paper and textured (as well as unlined, of course) and they are bound by string, so it has this handmade look. I’ve set it on the windowsill of my yoga room to sit in the moonlight; it sounds crazy writing that, but I thought it’d fun. I’m already collecting information and correspondences to include inside of it. I’m also debating finding new pens to write in it with since my current collection are gel pens that I’m not so sure about.


I’ve also found my first Tarot deck. The name is what pulled me to it and the artwork on the cards is gorgeous. I was a little nervous, because I found it online, but figured I’d take the chance. It was a good chance! I was so happy when I opened the package and am excited to started reading the manual. The cards are awesome, my hands actually shook as I looked through them and I felt a surge reading each card.

Last year was the year of study and starting my path. This year is the year of practice and finding myself as I walk the path.

Blessed be!



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