Practical Magic (1996) Movie Review

I finally watched “Practical Magic” this evening. I had never seen it before (I know, I’ve heard this is like a must see for a lot of witchy women 😉 ) and I really liked it. Like any witch/witchcraft movie, the magic is very “Hollywood” but not too crazy. I absolutely loved the Book of Shadows in this movie! That is the kind of BOS I am hoping to have one day; with leaves and feathers and drawings, etc. It’s so cliche witchy, but I just loved it!
I also love the makeshift coven thrown together for the banishment ritual. It’s stuff like that that makes me wonder if maybe one day I’d enjoy having coven (or at least joining community rituals for certain Sabbats). Plus, I found it funny how the townsfolk (particularly the women) were always gossiping and harassing this family, but then when they were called to help form their circle they jumped at the chance. This seemed so true to life in a way; the whole turning the nose up at something, but when given an opportunity to peak behind the curtain the heads start to turn to see. This made me think about the concept of being out of the broom closet. I imagine I would get more curious questions if I presented myself as being open to discussion, which I absolutely would be. However, I KNOW I have family members who would think I was going to burn in Hell and a small amount of friends who would probably think I was crazy and I’m just not at that point to where I’d be able to handle the drama. So, I’ll keep to my “in the broom closet with the door open” style…for now.
Also, I thought it had a fairly decent soundtrack and I love that they had a Stevie Nicks songs. I mean, it’s such a perfect fit for any PG13 and above, modern witch movie, which is probably why I absolutely LOVED “American Horror Story: The Coven” ::dodges tomatoes:: To each their own!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I wanted to be sure to have at least one post this weekend and this is what came up 🙂 Hope everyone has a very safe weekend, especially those who are experiencing the inclement weather!

Blessed be!



2 thoughts on “Practical Magic (1996) Movie Review

  1. Sometimes I miss a “coven” or a group to practice with too, even if just once a year or so, and I must admit I am sneakily reaching out around me in search of likeminded who might possibly be interested in joining for certain rituals. It is a very slow process though, unfortunately. I have a few heathen/pagan friends but they are generally far away, some even in other countries, and not near enough to pop in for a Friday night ritual.

    As for coming out of the broom closet…. I dare say I am out. I have never been particularly secretive in this regard, and the final step was openly starting to link to my blog on facebook, for friends and family and acquaintances to see. I even wrote a “coming out” post to once and for all explain that this is me. I wouldn’t use the term “witch”, but that’s just a matter of terminology. Pagan, heathen, seeker, mystic, witch, whatever one wants to say.

    I don’t regret ‘coming out’ and I hope that one day you will feel comfortable in doing the same! Ultimately for me it’s a matter of principle – you shouldn’t have to hide your spiritual/religious identity for fear of harassment or judgement. But still, it is hard!

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