12th Day of Yule: Oath Night and The Virtue of Wisdom


Today is Oath Night. This is the day where customs like wassailing is done (which is basically caroling) or one can simply make the wassail drink and celebrate in that way. It’s a night of singing and merriment and planning for this new year. We make oaths on this night which are considered most holy (particularly if made over Freyr’s boar or Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer). We celebrate our friendships and recognize our many blessings.
We also remind ourselves of the virtue of Wisdom. We remember to constantly improve our understanding of the world and learn from our experiences; good and bad. We also need to recognize that wisdom is gained through experience. While academia is important in helping a base for wisdom and knowledge, experience provides the tools to build yourself up from the ground floor.

I’m hoping every had a very happy New Year’s Eve and that the oaths you make today are motivational, positive, and keep you on track for whatever it is you hope accomplish over the next 365 days.

A very blessed New Year to you all!



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