Taking Action

The last week and a half has been a haze of what feels like a nightmare come true. In less than a week, two members of my family have passed on and after all these executive orders I have friends and colleagues who are now unsure about their safety in this country (or their ability to return if they ever go outside of its borders for visiting family or even business). I fell back into a dark place similar to that I experienced after the election. Call it dramatic if you like, but this is so much different from anything I’ve seen before and frankly, it’s really scary to me.

But I’m slowly returning to a level of calm and am ready to continue my focus on my path as well as my fight for my country. I’ve joined a political action group and am excited to get started. I’m also looking into ways to help with various charities (one thing I’m doing is learning to knit so that I may supply hats, socks, scarves, etc to homeless and refugee charities, veteran charities, and also baby hats and booties to NICUs in local hospitals). I was part of my communities Women’s March on the 21st; it was probably the most empowering thing I’ve experienced in the last decade. While I feel afraid, I also feel like I’ve found more of myself that I wasn’t aware was there. I’m seeing that I’m a lot stronger than I realized and I’m also seeing how amazing of a person my husband really is; I mean, I already knew he was great, but his stance and support on many issues has really helped me.

On the witchy side of things, I’m still studying tarot and while I have my BOS, I still haven’t written in it yet. I’m afraid to start it during times of anger or grief or fear, but I’m hoping I will have the motivation and proper mindset to start this week.
I can’t promise this blog won’t contain some political tones, but I do want to keep it relatively focused on Paganism. I will say this though, with this empowerment has come a lot of courage, particularly about being open with my beliefs. I’m not as worried about being discovered since, I feel now is an important time to know who are and own it. Love yourself and don’t be afraid to be open.

That’s all I have for right now, but I will try to be better about not disappearing for almost two weeks. Hope everyone is safe this weekend and taking care.

Blessed be,



African Violet

I found this pretty Grimoire page on Pinterest that was done by CoNiGMa on Deviant Art. He has many, many more herbalist Grimoire pages which are just as pretty. However, this one caught my attention because an African Violet is, so far, the only living plant we have in our house. book_of_shadows__herb_grimoire___african_violet_by_conigma-danzuwmI used to have, what I called, a “Death Thumb” instead of a “Green Thumb” since basically every plant I’ve ever owned has died on me in under a month of ownership. The exception was a cactus I had in elementary school that met it’s demise about half a year into my care due to our new puppy knocking it off my desk and uprooting it.

We’ve had the African Violet for almost a year now and she is doing so well. She sits in the sunlight all day and I give her a drink of water once a week and she has exploded with blossoms. I’m not super convinced of plants being “magical”, but I do believe they have energy that can help influence or motivate what it is a person is hoping to accomplish. I’ve felt our’s brings a natural, pleasant energy to our home. It’s cheery and calming and I like that it has been used for protection and enhancing spirituality since the latter is what I’m working on most this year.

If you are into herbalism, I’d suggest checking the Deviant Art page I linked above. Like I said, the pages are very pretty and he has a lot of information. I hope all of you are having a nice weekend and wanted to remind you to take some time to reflect on the teachings and standings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow. Maybe use the time to volunteer or donate items or money to charity. We need unity and support of equality more than ever and the strength and willingness to fight for those ideals. Not only for ourselves, but for others who may feel their equal human rights are being threatened. Be safe and blessed be!


Happy Friday the 13th!

I’m feeling very excited today as it’s been a fairly “witchy” 24 hrs; I know it’s silly, but oh well, might as well enjoy it. Last night was the first full moon of January which is known by different names: “Wolf Moon” or “Cold Moon.” I’m calling it the Cold Moon since last night it reached single digits in Fahrenheit. Self-reflection (letting things go and embracing new beginnings) is something to consider during this time.
The colors associated with the Cold Moon are silver, black, white, and/or cream. The element is Air. The trees are Birch, Oak, and Hazel. There seems to be some conflicting info on corresponding Goddesses, but as I don’t celebrate specific deities I won’t venture into that correspondence to avoid screwing it up too badly and lead someone astray. Either way, it’s a great time of this month and I do feel a strong sense of new beginnings coming (that and Friday the 13th has always been a relatively good day for me, so I always feel lighter on this day).

The other witchy news is that I finally found my Grimoire! It’s a simple journal, but the second I saw it I felt drawn to it. I love the simplicity of the color (white) and the pattern is a mandala (I have a thing for mandalas). The pages are thicker than normal paper and textured (as well as unlined, of course) and they are bound by string, so it has this handmade look. I’ve set it on the windowsill of my yoga room to sit in the moonlight; it sounds crazy writing that, but I thought it’d fun. I’m already collecting information and correspondences to include inside of it. I’m also debating finding new pens to write in it with since my current collection are gel pens that I’m not so sure about.


I’ve also found my first Tarot deck. The name is what pulled me to it and the artwork on the cards is gorgeous. I was a little nervous, because I found it online, but figured I’d take the chance. It was a good chance! I was so happy when I opened the package and am excited to started reading the manual. The cards are awesome, my hands actually shook as I looked through them and I felt a surge reading each card.

Last year was the year of study and starting my path. This year is the year of practice and finding myself as I walk the path.

Blessed be!


Practical Magic (1996) Movie Review

I finally watched “Practical Magic” this evening. I had never seen it before (I know, I’ve heard this is like a must see for a lot of witchy women 😉 ) and I really liked it. Like any witch/witchcraft movie, the magic is very “Hollywood” but not too crazy. I absolutely loved the Book of Shadows in this movie! That is the kind of BOS I am hoping to have one day; with leaves and feathers and drawings, etc. It’s so cliche witchy, but I just loved it!
I also love the makeshift coven thrown together for the banishment ritual. It’s stuff like that that makes me wonder if maybe one day I’d enjoy having coven (or at least joining community rituals for certain Sabbats). Plus, I found it funny how the townsfolk (particularly the women) were always gossiping and harassing this family, but then when they were called to help form their circle they jumped at the chance. This seemed so true to life in a way; the whole turning the nose up at something, but when given an opportunity to peak behind the curtain the heads start to turn to see. This made me think about the concept of being out of the broom closet. I imagine I would get more curious questions if I presented myself as being open to discussion, which I absolutely would be. However, I KNOW I have family members who would think I was going to burn in Hell and a small amount of friends who would probably think I was crazy and I’m just not at that point to where I’d be able to handle the drama. So, I’ll keep to my “in the broom closet with the door open” style…for now.
Also, I thought it had a fairly decent soundtrack and I love that they had a Stevie Nicks songs. I mean, it’s such a perfect fit for any PG13 and above, modern witch movie, which is probably why I absolutely LOVED “American Horror Story: The Coven” ::dodges tomatoes:: To each their own!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I wanted to be sure to have at least one post this weekend and this is what came up 🙂 Hope everyone has a very safe weekend, especially those who are experiencing the inclement weather!

Blessed be!


Witchy Wednesday!

Sorry for the corny title, it was all I could come up with. This is basically an update/miscellaneous post.
One of my resolutions was to really start practicing now that my studies have been steady and become habit. famous-funny-halloween-witch-broom-quotes-and-sayings-21I’ve mentioned before how exercise is a way I’ve been building energy and I enjoy yoga after to focus the energy on whatever intention I have or for simply working on inner peace, motivation, etc. Today, I did my first guided meditation that was ran by one of the podcasts I’ve mentioned before; A Witch’s Primer. It was the “Elemental Meditation” that I followed. I really enjoyed it and felt much more charged afterwards. I had been hoping to do more energy work, but wasn’t sure where to start and I felt this meditation really helped me to feel “magical” to be super cheesy about it.

I’ve also subscribed to two new Pagan podcasts…well, they’re new to me, but they’re not NEW. The first is Inciting A Brewhaha: a podcast ran by Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade who are Pagan podcasters who collaborated for this one. It’s really great! Lots of comic relief and it’s mostly an opinion based podcast, but does have some great tips and you learn quite a bit, too. The episodes are long (up to 2hrs), but I listen to them while I work so for me they go by pretty quickly. The second is The Witches View: this podcast also has two hosts and was recently brought back to life last year after a hiatus. I’m not caught up yet, but so far I’ve really enjoyed it. It reminds me of the other one a bit in that these two hosts offer a lot of personal insight to the craft, can be funny, and they’ve done a couple interviews. Both are very entertaining.

Another cool thing, that I don’t think I mentioned before, was that I received a charm for a necklace for Christmas and I noticed something funny about it. It’s really pretty and has a design in the center that I realized looks like a five pointed star and the charm itself is round. So, I was essentially gifted a pentacle! I don’t think the person realized it and just thought it was pretty, but I was super excited once I noticed it. I wasn’t planning on wearing a pentacle, but this one is so pretty and inconspicuous that I will definitely be wearing it. I know I could possibly just be doing the human thing and simply finding patterns wherever I can, but it felt like it was meant to be. I know I have mentioned how I’m hoping for most of my tools to call to me/find me in some way and I really feel that this one did just that.

That’s all for this update. Hope everyone has had a good first week of 2017!

Blessed be!


12th Day of Yule: Oath Night and The Virtue of Wisdom


Today is Oath Night. This is the day where customs like wassailing is done (which is basically caroling) or one can simply make the wassail drink and celebrate in that way. It’s a night of singing and merriment and planning for this new year. We make oaths on this night which are considered most holy (particularly if made over Freyr’s boar or Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer). We celebrate our friendships and recognize our many blessings.
We also remind ourselves of the virtue of Wisdom. We remember to constantly improve our understanding of the world and learn from our experiences; good and bad. We also need to recognize that wisdom is gained through experience. While academia is important in helping a base for wisdom and knowledge, experience provides the tools to build yourself up from the ground floor.

I’m hoping every had a very happy New Year’s Eve and that the oaths you make today are motivational, positive, and keep you on track for whatever it is you hope accomplish over the next 365 days.

A very blessed New Year to you all!