11th Day of Yule: Valkyries/Warriors and The Virtue of Self Reliance


Today the Valkyrie and Warriors are celebrated. Valkyrie are sometimes compared to angels, but really they are Goddesses who are considered foster daughters of Odin. They fly over battlefields, choosing the best warriors; they’re referred to as the “Choosers of the Slain” guiding the fallen to their next place. Perhaps this is a good day for remembrance.
We also recognize the virtue of Self Reliance. We must rely on ourselves to discover our paths, our place in the world, and how we see things. Discovering our own ethics and building our characters accordingly. We celebrate independence and the ability to be independent.

May you all have a very safe and blessed New Year’s Eve. Please be responsible. Stay the night, take a cab, have a Designated Driver, etc. and may 2017 be better.

Many blessings!



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