10th Day of Yule: Sunna/Light and The Virtue of Justice


The next cycle of the year is beginning and with each day the light is slowly returning and, for those who worship deities, this means Sunna is returning and gaining power as well. Sunna is the Norse Goddess of the Sun; she represents light and warmth. Today was a perfect day in my area of the Pacific NW as the afternoon was sunny with lots of blue sky. The light and sun was great to see after a lot of overcast, fog, and just plain grey days.
We also celebrate the virtue of Justice. I think truth plays a strong role in this, so again seeking truth, but keeping in mind fairness and equity with your treatment of others. I think recognizing the difference between justice and vengeance is important as well as I think many, in the heat of the moment, can confuse the two. You are not karma. Listen to both sides of a story, don’t just accept one side and base your decision on that. Also, don’t be afraid to question others ideas of justice; if the judgement is wrong or the system is flawed you should not be afraid to point it out and fight to fix it for justice is not just an important personal virtue, but an important virtue to society.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!




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