9th Day of Yule: Odin/Father’s Night and The Virtue of Honor


This is the day to honor Odin, the chief God in norse mythology (or the chief God of your pantheon). Odin is the God of many things: war, victory, magic, wisdom, etc. and there are several ways to honor/celebrate him. Being that he is the head honcho, honoring the fatherly figures and positive male influences in your life is one way to celebrate him (this is also a good option for those who are non-deistic, but still wish to participate in Yule traditions). A night for fathers and to recognize the male aspect in life (as Wicca or Wiccan influenced Paganism tends to celebrate the feminine overall, but it’s nice to recognize the male counterparts).
We also remember the Virtue of Honor. Honor is very important in Norse tradition, but it should be important in general to everyone. I look at honor as something you should fight to keep clean and, if possible, you should stand up for the honor of others you care for. However, I really don’t believe in violence, so beating the Hell out of someone to defend your’s or someone else’s honor, just tarnishes it further so a certain amount of tact and professionalism should be used.

That is all I can come up with for today’s Yule study topic. Thank you for reading!




2 thoughts on “9th Day of Yule: Odin/Father’s Night and The Virtue of Honor

  1. Honour… so important but also so tricky. The word today is, at least here, so tarnished by concepts of honour that include abusing or killing daughters who don’t bring enough “honour” to the family that it’s hard to think of it as a purely good thing. And violence? Equally tricky concept, with both negative and positive implications – if looking at those who fight in defense of themselves or loved ones, fighting against oppression and abuse. Fighting for survival. It’s neither good nor bad really, which is much the case with Odin as well. He is not good or bad, he is Odin. He’s complicated. 😀

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    • It really is a complicated virtue, but like you pointed out it fits perfectly with the complexity of Odin. It was hard to write about honor, because of that lol I’ve heard too much about honor being some physical thing; mainly having to do with virginity in women. I don’t like that idea, so it was hard to really figure out what I think honor is and, man, it’s really difficult. 🙂 😛

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