Catching Up on Yule Studies

Sorry! I meant to be off just one or two days due to the holidays, but I’ve been struggling a lot with depression this year and got some bad news in the family which sent me into a slump. I’m finally coming to a place of acceptance (or at least preparing for acceptance) and so I need to get back to my normal routines. Not only is today my first day returning to blogging, but also to exercise, so hopefully this will help (I felt a lot better after sweating some of the stress out).
Anyway, so I missed the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th days of Yule. Today being Day 8. So I am going to attempt to do a very quick summary of each day in this post. Again, sorry for the wait and if things seem rushed. I may at some point make a more personal post, but we’ll see. This blog is supposed to be about my Pagan path, not my personal life/issues, but I’m aware it helps to “let it out” and I really feel nervous being so open with people in my real life, because it seems so much heavier to do that to someone’s face whereas typing it out for random people to read and not have to watch their reaction is almost easier. I digress.

4th Day of Yule – Honoring Freya, Njord, and Aegir and the Virtue of Love: This is the night we recognize the importance of the feast, toasting, and hospitality. We celebrate friendships, sharing with one another, and strengthening our bonds. We also honor the virtue of Love. We recognize the love we share with others and the love we have for ourselves. We also honor compassion and its importance is sustaining and creating love and remember to be more loving and compassionate with ourselves and with others.

5th Day of Yule – Community: This night is sacred to community; a time that we remember that everyone is connected to the Divine/Earth and vise versa. We may not be blood related, from the same country, raised with the same beliefs, but we ARE children of this Earth. It is our responsibility to be gracious hosts and respectful guests, to be friendly neighbors and to help and support our fellow man. We must strive to do better in our community and for our community. Maybe make this day a day to be charitable; either with time, money, or goods. It’s winter in the Northern hemisphere at this time, so planting trees/flowers may not be an option, but you could possibly sign up to do a clean-up or planting in the future.

6th Day of Yule – Honoring Eir and the Virtue of Healing: Eir is the Goddess of Health/Wellness. She represents health workers and healers and was often called upon to help the sick and injured. This is a great night to focus energy on healing and health. Take time for yourself to meditate, to exercise, to make future appointments (or at least a reminder) for seeing your dentist or doctor to keep up with preventative care, etc. Healing can be either physical or mental/emotional. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good (and that is good for you); take a walk outside, paint, read, quit smoking or drinking soda for a day, etc.

7th Day of Yule – Honoring Thor and the Virtue of Fidelity: Thor is viewed as a great protector, not only from Death and Darkness, but a protector of children as well. Yule goats may be used to symbolize/honor him (and the two goats the pulled his chariot and he would sacrifice and revive the next day). As far as fidelity goes, it should be noted that this doesn’t necessarily mean only marital fidelity, but being faithful in all of your relationships. Being a true friend, being faithful to family (when the family is deserving…I totally get if the connection with family is toxic or strained). You could also see it as being faithful to yourself and your beliefs.

8th Day of Yule – Honoring Skadi and Ullr and The Virtue of Truth: Skadi is a Goddess associated with bow hunting, mountains, and Winter activities. Ullr is a God known for his hunting, skiing, and skating skills and would sometimes be invoked before battle. These Gods represent the hunt and Winter activities. So going on a hike, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. is a great way to celebrate them. Today, we also honor the virtue of Truth. We remember to be honest with others and with ourselves. We also seek out the truth, not just personal truth, but also factual truth. I view this as a way to further educate ourselves as well. False news and woo-peddlers abound on the net these days, so this day in particular is a good one to remind us to not just take the things we read as face value and use our time to properly inform ourselves and not be party to the spreading of lies and misinformation.

And with that, I should be caught up. Hopefully tomorrow I will be better and have things is a bit more order. Thank you for your patience and I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

Many blessings!



2 thoughts on “Catching Up on Yule Studies

  1. The blog is supposed to be anout yourPagan path and not personal issues, you say! I’d say, they can’t really be separated, so don’t worry about talking of such matters too. Our spiritual path is a part of life itself after all, interwoven with everything else that happens to us. So just write that which matters to you, is my advice!

    As for recovering from depression, I’ll just cheer you on from afar and say IT WILL GET BETTER! As one who for years have struggled with just that I know how hard it is to get back to “normal” – and well today I even question what IS normal. Just take your time and trust that it’ll be alright!

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