3rd Day of Yule: Mani or Virtue of Courage


The third night of Yule can be different things depending on if you are following the Norse Yule tradition or if you are going for a more non-deistic approach. This is basically the trend for the remainder of the 12 days where the celebration can center around a Norse God/Goddess OR a virtue (or both, actually).
For the third night, the Norse tradition honors Mani and/or the virtue of “Courage.” Mani is the God of the Moon; he lights the way for hunters in the forest at night. He is the light in the darkness and as this time of year begins the turn from darkness to light, his guidance in the dark is honored. Some traditions claim lighting the Yule log and leaping over the flames to gain luck and purification. Tonight is a good night to log your dreams or setting goals for the new year.
The virtue of Courage is important as courage is something many of us need almost daily; for big and small issues. Remember that courage is not necessarily the absence of fear, but doing the right thing even though one is fearful. But, of course, one should be sure to recognize the difference between courageousness and stupidity. If there is a situation that you know you could be harmed in some way, you can still be brave and face it, but be sure to do so in an intelligent way that creates as little risk to yourself and to others as possible (if possible). Also, courage is more than saving someone or battling a disease or some other adversary; sometimes it’s asking for that raise, learning a new skill, going out into social situations when you’re introverted, joining a talent show, etc. It involves personal strength and personal growth. So tonight we honor, the moon, the dark, and courage.

I hope everyone has a very wonderful holiday weekend (or regular weekend); I may not have time to do an entry tomorrow, but I will attempt to do one on Sunday 🙂

Blessed be!



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