2nd Day of Yule: The Night of the Wild Hunt


Today was Day 2 of the 12 nights of Yule, also called “The Wild Hunt”. The legend goes that on this night, a group of huntsmen (either elven, faerie, or dead) travel the land and it is very unlucky to witness the Hunt or be seen by the hunters; so it is advised to stay indoors and use energy to cast protection and positivity over your household. If one were to see or be seen by this hunting party it could mean a war or some other catastrophic event may occur; or worse it could mean death to the witness. Some legends claim that, if spotted by the huntsmen, the person would be taken to the Underworld or Faerie Kingdom. There has also been belief that those who were unprotected could have their souls taken in their sleep and become a huntsmen themselves.
The Wild Hunt is led by a figure that could be male or female. There are different legends about the leader, some say it is Odin or a figure associated or derived from Odin in some way. Some legends claim the leader is a historical figure (usually a monarch or great warrior) or a biblical figure often associated with “evil” (e.g. Cain, Satan, etc).
For my second day of Yule, I kept mostly indoors; save for the mid-morning when I refilled the bird and critter feeders in our yard. I did an exercise to focus my energy on strength and protection and I spent the rest of the day baking sweets, cleaning, and listening to comedy podcasts to keep warmth and positive energy surrounding our home.

Hoping you all have a safe and wonderful evening.

Blessed be!



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