Christianity and Witchcraft

This is a topic that I’ve heard of a few times and it’s something I thought would be fun to discuss or just think out loud about. It’s a topic that’s come up in a few of the podcasts I’m listening to currently. Side note: I feel that I should mention these episodes were not recent as I like to start podcasts from the beginning so that I can experience every topic and the evolution of the podcast and its host(s).
Any who, so Christian Witches, can they exist? Well, probably since they already do and, in my opinion, they have every right to since the Pagan path is so individualistic and a lot of us tout it as one of Paganisms most charming features. I do think Christianity is a religion that, if someone chooses to practice witchcraft within it, then they can do it, but carefully.

I have no idea where to start, so we’ll start with a couple basic facts: Witchcraft is a practice, NOT a religion; whereas Wicca is a religion and not all Wiccans practice the craft (so, if you think about it, the craft isn’t totally off limits to other religions if they really wanted to adopt it as a practice). Knowing this, obviously, one cannot be a Christian Wiccan as that would be like someone saying they were a Mormon Sikh or something.

Christianity and Wicca are two different religions, so if there are any Christians reading this who are thinking of practicing witchcraft, please look for non-denominational teachings or very basic 101 Witchcraft material; I strongly advise to avoid getting too far into Wiccan beliefs if you desire to be a Christian Witch…and here’s why: The very first commandment in the The Bible given to Moses (and the world) from God/Yahweh is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Given that Wicca is polytheistic and celebrates both a God and Goddess (which can be basically whatever pantheon calls to you), this is basically breaking the first and, according to the book of Matthew, most important commandment.
Another issue with being a witch and a Christian is that it does contradict a few other “rules” thou not commandments in the Bible.

Exodus 22:18 – Thou shat not suffer a witch (or sorceress) to live. This seems to be the most well known and common argument against Christians practicing witchcraft. There’s been some debate as to whether or not the word “witch” was a mistranslation and actually meant something else, but I’ve had trouble finding evidence of that rumor being true.

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 – Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord… This is a bit more obvious as far as the Christian God’s view of witchcraft. And there are a few other mentions of witchcraft, sorcery, divination, etc throughout the book (e.g. 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, Galatians, Revelations, and the oh-so wonderful book of Leviticus mention these things and make sure to specify how witchcraft is an evil sin).

So again, while everyone is free to pursue their own path however they wish (I’m making an exception for closed religions; those are off limits) if you are Christian and looking into witchcraft, do your research to be sure it’s what you want to do, because the Christian God (or at least the teachings of His religion) seem to have some pretty set rules and he seems to be a fairly easily offended deity. That being said, cherry-picking is a common theme through a lot of religions it seems, so if you feel in your gut you can do it free from consequence, then by all means learn what you can about the practice and do so safely. Ask questions and question everything, because fakes and manipulators exist in all forms.

I’m feeling inspired to do another post jumping off from this one, but it’s late and I feel like I’ve rambled enough for now. I hope everyone had a great Halloween/Samhain and I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week.

Blessed be,



3 thoughts on “Christianity and Witchcraft

  1. Speaking of this, I was recently perusing a candlemagick book by Raymond Buckland, and it includes both the Christian version of the spell and the older non-Christian version. It fascinates me how common this sort of thing is though.


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    • I still haven’t read Uncle Bucky’s big blue book (I know, bad Pagan! Bad!) but I love that that is mentioned in it.
      As stated, I personally find nothing wrong with witches wanting to be Christian, I tried it during my first stint as a witch in my teens, but the guilt and worry I felt was too much. So I’m trying a different approach and waiting to see what God/Goddess comes my way haha

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      • hehe I wasn’t even aware he was a big deal, although I know I’ve heard the name more than a few times… I completely agree, if you can pull it off and it makes you happy, go ahead and be a witch and a Christian. I just know, like you, I couldn’t possibly do it. So I just go my own way…


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