Developing Personalized Samhain Traditions/Activities

I LOVE celebrations and activities that surround a holiday of some sort. Walking a Pagan 5c1f00cee970e59c35cbb7ce35602bc7path and choosing to follow the Wiccan sabbats gives me several opportunities to do so and this Samhain will be my first serious one. As a solitary witch in a mixed belief marriage though, I want to keep things simple and make most of them inclusive for my husband while not necessarily pushing my practices on him.
One thing we’ve done every year for the last several years is carve pumpkins while drinking wine and eating snacks and watching a Halloween movie. This is something we will continue, but I adjusted it for myself so that as I carve I imagine the insides being all of the negativity surrounding us and my scooping them out is removal of that negativity energy. The light inside the completed Jack-O-Latern is the new positive and protective energy I wish to surround myself, my family, and my house with.
I don’t know if I will ever do a Dumb Dinner, but I love the thought of making food for Samhain involving spices and ingredients representing this time of year (so a little Kitchen Witchery in there).  I’ve also made a Samhain altar disguised as my dining table centerpiece. My husband is aware of it, but to everyone else it looks like festive decorations.
I’ve been trying to be more aware of thinking of loved one’s I’ve lost, particularly this year and keeping them close in my mind. I want to go hiking next year as a way to be close to nature during this month. There’s something about the chills and smells in the air that I’ve always loved. I did get to run in a 5K race this month and see some new areas which was great. I’d love to try visiting cemeteries and cleaning them up a bit as well.

It’s such a fun and wonderful time of the year. I love how it promotes taking time to think about death in other ways aside from being scary or sad; it’s actually been a bit therapeutic since we’ve had a lot of deaths in our family over the last two years.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the month of October and that you all have a very fun and safe Samhain (and/or Halloween).
Blessed be!



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