The Witch is Back!

My apologies for the sudden disappearance. The holidays were busy this year and I fell into a bit of a depression. I’m finally crawling my way back out though and getting back to the blog. I have managed to stay on the path though. I’ve been slowly continuing the Witch’s Primer podcast lessons and actually found a good streak in writing in my Grimoire. I think I’ve finally reached a place where all of the correspondences and info I need/want to have is in place and I can begin documenting and following my craft.
I’ve also been looking into getting a Dream Journal and a basic journal for daily journaling. I used to do that all the time in middle and high school and it was actually really helpful now that I look back on it. I’ve also received a lot of support in walking my path from my husband.
He isn’t very religious, but is supportive and open minded with my humanistic Paganism beliefs and bought me a Yule gift this year. I wasn’t expecting him to even remember or recognize when Yule was, but he did! His gift was a miniature altar table with Yggdrasil carved on the top. I plan to use it to keep my future cauldron on. He also bought me a pentacle necklace (something I actually didn’t have much plans to buy), but it’s perfect. It’s on a black suede cord and the pentacle is small, but a raven is perched atop it. The final gift was another necklace on a silver chain. The pendant is a really pretty silver crescent moon with a charm hanging in the center with the saying “Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit” I love it. It’s something I can wear out without being super obvious since it’s kind of a nice saying that doesn’t necessarily mean “witch” since I’m still fairly in the broom closet.

That’s about the most witchy thing I’ve been up to lately (aside from updating the Grimoire). I will try to be more active now that I seem to be getting back to my normal self. Hopefully you all had a great Yule!

Blessed be!


Larkie’s Library: “The Secret Garden”

Hello again, sorry for the disappearance, once again life happens and I have been focusing more on building up/writing in my Grimoire. However, I have been trying to keep up on my reading as well and finished “The Secret Garden” this week (finally), so I thought I would make a return with a book review.
The story begins with a young, orphaned girl named Mary Lennox who is sent to live with her wealthy uncle in Yorkshire, England after the death of her parents from a cholera outbreak in their home in India. She’s a sour child and spoiled beyond belief, but eventually decides (after some persuasion) to explore her new home and soon discovers a secret garden. She also discovers more secrets around the manor and slowly becomes a much happier, healthier child and is even a positive influence to another peer, her cousin, Colin. She shares the wonder and the “magic” of the garden with trusted friends and it has a ripple effect over everyone at the manor. I don’t want to give too much away for anyone who hasn’t read it, so I will leave the description at this point.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. I’m almost disappointed that I didn’t read this earlier in life, but I still got a lot out of it now. (There is a bit of India-bashing, so just a head’s up there). The “magic” theme was wonderfully done and isn’t Hollywood magic, but more earthly, everyday “magic” you can find in nature. The descriptions of plants coming back to life as Spring arrives, the mist over the moors, the sunshine, the buds sprouting from the ground, the animals coming out, and birds building nests; it was the true magic and wonder one can find every year with the changing of the seasons (yes, it’s not “magic” but the look and feel is quite wondrous at times). And given that I read it during Fall, it really made the seasonal change I was seeing around me pop out. The fading of the leaves from green to orange. The grass becoming blanketed by the same orange, yellow, red, and brown leaves. The chill in the air. It was/is magical.
The theme of secrets really flows strongly through the book. Whether it’s a secret garden, a secret room holding a secret person, a secret “miracle”, etc. And what I noticed was the effects secrets can have, both negative and positive. Keeping things secret due to shame only makes it worse and sours more than the secret itself…it can also influence gossip. More harmless secrets can be fun when kept to oneself, but are made more so when shared with people you trust/friends and can actually be like a gift which strengthens bonds. Not all secrets are bad, but in the end, no secret should be kept that way for long.
There was also quite a lot about positivity and how one can attempt to change how they see the world. A glass half full vs glass half empty thing. I don’t think it necessarily promotes blind optimism, but instead trying not to let yourself be bogged down with negative thoughts all of the time. It’s not just a physical garden they tend to, but the gardens in their minds (I know that sounds hippy and weird, but Mr. Rogers used that term once, so it stands as forever cool, IMO). Of course, we know just thinking positively can’t solve all of our problems and is definitely not a cure-all, but it can have an impact. “Where you plant a rose, a thistle cannot grow.”
Finally, there was a great line in this book about children that I thought was very smart. While I have no intention to ever have them myself, I think it’s great advice for anyone who would so desire some. It goes like this, “Two worst things as can happen to a child is never to have his own way or to always have it.” It speaks for itself.

So there you have it. 4 out of 5 stars from me, would definitely recommend for just about all ages.

Hope everyone had a blessed Samhain. Happy reading!


Building My Earth Body – Do Over

So I haven’t been great about my Earth body building practices this week. Earth is tied to the section of the Witch’s Pyramid called “To Be Silent/Secretive” which I think is important to remember. Part of the practice is to get out into the wilderness, take hikes, walks, garden, etc. I have not been taking time to do this much this week even with the holiday. We’ve been so busy and had a family illness (which is on the mend, thank goodness), but it hasn’t been the best week for this.

Another task is to practice choosing my words and opting to be silent more often than not. Basically, focusing on listening and only speaking when absolutely necessary. My job involves animal health and wellbeing, so that does require a lot of necessary verbal communication. However, at home I’ve been a chatty Kathy on mindless subjects that really don’t deserve or need that much discussion/attention.

So, starting Monday I will be redoing the Earth Body practice, which will be good. That’s why they call it practice, right? We all have our off weeks ::shrug:: Otherwise, I have continued my Fire practice of being active, my Water practice of increasing my water intake, and my Air practice of deep breathing, so I’ve at least got that down!

Until next time, blessed be!


Learning Patience by Writing My Grimoire


So, as part of my air body practice I need to do something creative everyday to tap into my creative energy/use and improve my imagination. Today, I decided to put another page into my Grimoire as my “creative activity”. Past BoS/Grimoire’s I’ve had have been in 3 ring binders since it was easier to store and organize, but I’ve always desired a “real” witchy looking book to keep my correspondences, tarot readings, meditations, etc. and so I finally bought a leather, hand bound, unlined journal. It’s white with rough paper (kind of parchment looking) and thick so my pens don’t bleed through. I love it and felt connected to it from the moment I saw it.

My perfectionist (at times, not always!) nature is probably not the best combo with this type of book, so I’ve been very slow to add to it. I’ve only done my dedication page and Wheel of the Year, so today I decided to add my Moon Phases page. I mixed up my Crescent and Balsamic Moons and accidentally called my Gibbous a Crescent; ugh! It was so frustrating to cross out and rewrite those names, so I’m trying to avoid getting too stressed over it. It makes the book more authentic I suppose. Life is not perfection, so a handwritten book of any kind will not (and probably should not) be without a mistake or typo here and there. If anything it makes it more personal. More my own. So to relieve my anxiety and accept the mess up, I’m taking a page from Bob Ross’s book and changing my outlook on it. I should really practice this more often with other things in my life, because this has helped me get over this small thing.

Otherwise, this week of practice has been going very well and I’ve also been listening to a new (to me, not “new”) podcast called New World Witchery with hosts Cory and Laine. It’s really well done Pagan podcast that goes over folklore (primarily American-based or American, but with other influences) and covers different Pagan beliefs and even Catholic/Abrahamic beliefs and lore. I highly recommend checking them out.

That’s all for this update! Blessed be!


Building My Air Body

Last week’s Water Power Base practice went well and was actually perfect timing for understanding and meditating with my feelings, because it was a very stressful, frustrating, and depressing week. However, I completed my tasks and I’ve started remembering my dreams more, so I think it really helped.
This week, I am to focus on my Air body. Air is tied to imagination and creativity, so this week focuses on those aspects. My tasks are to continue recording my dreams each morning and then have a “stream of consciousness” where I write down everything I am thinking, everything that comes into my mind until I fill a whole page. I must also do deep breathing exercises/meditations and do something “creative” each day.

I really do feel like these practices have been helpful in making me more aware of myself, feel more in control of my energy, intentions, and emotions and I’m hoping this practice will inspire me to do a lot of the things I’ve been meaning to make time for, but keep excusing away (which the practice with my fire base will hopefully help with as well). To continue the influence of the fire and water body practices I will continue being active daily and consecrating my water and drinking more of it (I didn’t do well on the latter today, but I’ll do better tomorrow).

Hope everyone has a great day and if you are interested in practicing building your elemental base you can find these lessons at A Witch’s Primer Definitely start from the beginning if you can, it’s really great.

Until next week, blessed be!


Building My Water Body


This week’s lesson from A Witch’s Primer involves building up my water body and focusing on the “Faith” portion of the Witches Pyramid. Water is seen to be more feminine vs fire which is seen to be more masculine. Therefore, it is viewed to be more connected to the inner self and being peaceful and in touch with one’s emotions and feelings. So this week, that is what I am tasked to focus on: my feelings, emotions, dreams, etc.

I am to perform daily tasks, just as I did with building my fire body, to help get in tune with the water power base. These tasks involve a lot of meditation and journaling. I must record my dreams, but not analyze, just write them down for now; same with my feelings at least once a day as well as meditate on them. Other things I need to remember are smaller, but just as important; things like increasing my water intake and blessing the water I drink at least once.
I look forward to this practice as I think it will help me understand a lot of the anxiety and stress that I have been feeling lately and maybe learn to control it better.

As far as the lesson plan for building my fire body from last week, I enjoyed it very much and think it went very well. I did fail to complete one of my 7 To-Do’s, but in retrospect, I think I was expecting too much from myself on that particular day. I was already really busy and the chosen activity to complete that day should have been obvious that I may not be able to get to it, but I’ve learned from it. Everything else was able to be achieved and at the end of the week I felt ready to start the next power base lesson plan. Of course, just because I’m moving on to the next power base doesn’t mean I should immediately stop all activity from the previous lesson, so I will be continuing the task of being active/exercising every day (which is easy since I pretty much already do this as I find exercise to be the best way to build and expend my energy).

So far I’m still really loving Ariel’s class and teaching style and I would recommend his podcast/class to any beginner. He tries to keep it nondenominational as well which is helpful for anyone similar to myself who doesn’t follow Wicca or really doesn’t focus a lot on Deity.

Hope you all have had a wonderful week since I last wrote. Take care and blessed be!



Building My Fire Body

I cleaned our house today and did a cleansing ritual while I swept to get rid of negative energy and I suddenly felt a spark of motivation to continue my education on my path. I’ve been very hot and cold with it, life keeps getting in the way what with home improvement projects, work getting busier, and lots of camping on the weekends…not that I’m complaining! I love getting away, but I’ve neglected other duties now that Summer Brain is kicking in.

Anyway, this burst of motivation helped me commit back to my spiritual education and I am finally at a place where I can start the next lesson from the podcast “A Witch’s Primer” and it is Lesson 6: Building Your Power Base – The Fire Body I do recommend that, if you want to check out this podcast class, you should start from the beginning. This is the same podcast that I did the meditation to find my spirit guide with which I blogged about a few posts back. I really like Ariel’s style of teaching and his explanations, his voice is also very soothing which helps with the meditations.

This next phase of the class is basically a 5 week process with each week focusing on building your power base with a different element and it’s corresponding section of the Witches Pyramid. The first week focuses on Fire and the “To Will” part of the pyramid. I think this practice would be helpful for anyone looking to improve their intentions and motivations regardless if they believe in magic or not. It is set up in a very…I guess I would call it therapeutic manner? Kind of a self-help thing.

So, my tasks for this week are to make a list of seven things I’ve been meaning to do, but have been either lazy/forgetful towards or just keep consciously putting off, and assigning them to be completed in one day over the next seven days. I have my list finished and completed my first task today (I started out simple), but I’m very excited and even nervous for the next few days. It’s funny because looking at the list, the tasks I set for myself are stupidly simple, basic adulting things, but I just can’t bring myself to do them! I feel like this practice will be really good for me and maybe help me adjust some habits. I also have to be clear with my intentions, doing certain practices daily to focus my attention better, exercise daily, etc.

I’m starting with a positive attitude and good intentions; it’s going to be a very busy week, so I will have to work hard to stay the course and not get derailed by stress or anything. I have faith I can do it though and then once I’m done it will be onto the next week of lessons! Wish me luck and blessed be!